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Impression Kit

SmilesAlliance™ at home Impression kit is the key to achieving your new smile!

Follow the simple steps, send them back in the prepaid return envelope, and we will create your 3D Smile Preview ready for you to approve.

The impression kit price will be 100% refunded if you choose to go ahead with the treatment plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SmilesAlliance™  Impression kit is the first step to getting that dream smile this is what we send you in order to get moulds of your teeth to create your treatment.

    Our SmilesAlliance™ Impression kit includes a practice putty, 4 impression trays (2 for the upper teeth, and 2 for bottom teeth) and putty mix for creating the moulds. We also include our SmilesAlliance™ instructions booklet and step by step Youtube video so you are at complete ease 

    All SmilesAlliance™ Impression kits come with free express shipping to you and a pre-paid return envelope back to us making it hassle-free all you have to do once you have done your impression is pop in in the post back to us.  

    As long as there aren’t any unforeseen delays or extenuating circumstances, you should receive your aligners about 4-6 weeks after sending back your teeth moulds, uploading photos, and completing your dental history questionnaire.     

    Don’t worry we have your back we have gone the extra mile by adding in the extra putty for the moulds this means you have double the amount of chances of getting your impressions correct first time. If you need additional putty and trays, we’ll send you another kit free of charge.
    We are here next to you every step of the way if you need any help please don't hesitate to reach out to us straight away.

    Just reach out via email, text, online chat, or even video chat for help on your impressions. Email:

    If you don’t love your Treatment Preview, or if our orthodontics dental lab determines you aren’t a candidate for aligners, we will refund your Impression Kit.    

    We ship our Impression Kits out to you within 2 business days of purchase. Expected delivery times for all shipments is 3-5 business days from the shipping date.

    All SmilesAlliance™ Impression kits come with free express shipping to you and a pre-paid return envelope back to us making it hassle-free all you have to do once you have done your impressions is pop them back in the post back to us. 

    Read the impression guide carefully before beginning, follow the step by step guide and make your impressions. Once you have completed the impressions follow the checklist and ensure you have all components before sending the impressions back in the prepaid envelope.  

    At SmilesAlliance we make every effort to determine if your case is suitable before we send out impression kits. Answer the questions in the smile assessment form honestly and to the best of your ability and we will determine whether you will be eligible before you purchase. You can learn more about refund policy here: refund policy