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The easiest, most effective way to straighten your teeth from home.
Clear aligner treatment made just for you.

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Our vision is clear.

Our Clear aligner treatments are an invisible solution that provides the perfect smile if you are looking for an alternative to metal braces? SmilesAlliance™ is a clear and straightforward choice, with no wires or brackets. Just clear, convenient comfort. Every reason to smile!

You will be assisted and supported throughout your complete smile journey. We are an Australian company and have an Australian customer care team dedicated to you and helping you achieve the smile results we set out to.

We aim to straighten teeth in 4-6 months
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Our smile guarantee is clear.

We're sure you're going to love your smile journey; however, if for some reason you disapprove of your 3D smile transformation video, you can work with our dental team to adjust your results, or if you prefer, we will give a full refund. If our dental team determines that your case isn't treatable with our clear aligners, we'll refund you straight away. It's that simple; it's risk-free.

We also provide refiner aligners should your case need adjustment to achieve your final result; these are free of charge; that's our commitment to you.

Our affordability is clear.

​We offer the best complete package on the market, with the best prices and the best flexible payment plans.

While other clear aligner companies have many hidden costs throughout their treatment plans, we have none. It's that simple.

​You have included in your tailored package: A SmilesAlliance™ Starter Kit, LED Teeth Whitening Kit to keep that smile beaming, accessories to help you on your way, and your first set of SmilesAlliance™ retainers to keep your new smile straight. Our treatments take an average of 4-6 months.

Our quality is clear.

​Custom trimmed clear aligners to increase comfort, designed for you and only you. All of our aligners are hand trimmed to the gum line with care and precision, providing you with increased comfort and effectiveness. BPA Free using only the highest quality material to provide you with the smile results and confidence boost you deserve.
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Even better, we have three options to help you get started today.

You can start for less now with a complete package or begin with a starter kit; alternatively, book in for a free 15 minutes phone consultation.


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  • 3D Before & after visuals
  • 100% Refund if not suitable
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Buy it $2,385

  • Free starter kit ($99.00 value)
  • Free Teeth Whitening Kit ($109.95 value)
  • Free Aftercare Retainers ($149.95 value)
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FREE consultation

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  • On the consultation call, a SmilesAlliance team member will help you understand the steps to get a more confident smile with clear aligners and answer any questions you may have.
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SmilesAlliance vs competitors
SmilesAlliance™ costs are 60% less than braces or other clear aligner options on average.
Other Aligner companies

Hundreds of customers, thousands of memories!

We’ve been lucky enough to help hundreds of happy customers on their journey to a better smile and a lifetime of perfect moments. Whether it’s helping to make your wedding extra special, holiday selfies with friends, or just something you’ve always wanted to do, our goal at SmilesAlliance is to help you be a more confident, happier you!

How it works

A better smile in three simple steps



Make an impression

Your SmilesAlliance™ Starter kit will arrive at your door; follow the simple steps and return the impressions to our dental team in the free pre-paid return envelope provided.


Approve your 3D smile

Receive a before and after 3D preview video of your smile transformation via email or on our App. Once you are happy with your treatment plan, we will get started on creating your custom aligners.


Get your dream smile

Receive a complete SmilesAlliance treatment plan, including Free Aftercare Retainers, Teeth Whitening Kit and no hidden costs. Just actual results and excellent service.
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“SmilesAlliance has helped me feel ‘me’ again”

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We offer the best complete at home clear aligner package on the market.
We have no hidden cost or upsells

Free E-Consultation

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Straight teeth in 4-6 months

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Unlimited Clear Aligners

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Free Aftercare Retainers

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Free Teeth Whitening

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Money-Back Guarantee

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Is SmilesAlliance for me?


Is SmilesAlliance™ for me?
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