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SmilesAlliance Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, like other types of teeth straightening methods, work by gradually shifting teeth into the ideal position. This is achieved through wearing a series of aligners, each for 2 weeks at a time, which apply carefully calculated pressure to each tooth to move them up to 0.3mm per aligner until the ideal alignment has been reached.    

Wearing the aligners for 20 - 22 hours per day as recommended is key to achieving the results set out in your treatment plan.  

We assess each case individually. However, we still need impressions for both the top and the bottom teeth. Our Dental Team needs both impressions to ensure that your bite is aligned well at the end of your treatment. For this reason, the price is the same whether you're doing just the top, just the bottom, or both.  

Most people won't know you have them in, they are very discreet.

If you have a special occasion and you feel you would like to have them out, that's the beauty of clear aligners, you can take the aligners out, pop them in your case and put them back in once you are done. Remember to follow the guidelines, the success of the treatment relies on you following the guidelines.  

There are some instances where SmilesAlliance treatment may not be suitable, start by answering a few simple questions and we will asses your case further. 30 second assessment minute.

We assess each candidate on a case by case basis to make sure we design the right solution for you.   

Yes, you should wait six to eight weeks after wisdom tooth extraction before commencing SmilesAlliance treatment. If you have any concerns or questions contact our customer care team: (    

We recommend you seek your dentist's guidance before proceeding. 

Every new SmilesAlliance case is subject to a comprehensive assessment and evaluation before being approved. SmilesAlliance works for most people. There are some instances where it may not be suitable – so the first step is to find out! How? By answering a few simple questions and sending us photos of your smile. It only takes a few minutes.  

Impression Kit Process

SmilesAlliance™ Impression kit is the first step to getting that dream smile this is what we send you in order to get moulds of your teeth to create your treatment. 

Our SmilesAlliance™ Impression kit includes a practice putty, 4 impression trays (2 for the upper teeth, and 2 for bottom teeth) and putty mix for creating the moulds. We also include our SmilesAlliance™ instructions booklet and step by step Youtube video so you are at complete ease 

All SmilesAlliance™Impression kits come with free express shipping to you and a pre-paid return envelope back to us making it hassle-free all you have to do once you have done your impressions is pop them in the post.  

As long as there aren’t any unforeseen delays or extenuating circumstances, you should receive your aligners about 4-6 weeks after sending back your teeth moulds, uploading photos, and completing your dental history questionnaire.     

Don’t worry we have your back we have gone the extra mile by adding in the extra putty for the moulds this means you have double the amount of chances of getting your impressions correct first time. If you need additional putty and trays, we’ll send you another kit free of charge.
We are here next to you every step of the way if you need any help please don't hesitate to reach out to us straight away.

Just reach out via email, text, online chat, or even video chat for help on your impressions. 


If you don’t love your Treatment Preview, or if our orthodontics dental lab determines you aren’t a candidate for aligners, we will refund your Impression Kit.    

Firstly, fill out the 30 second smile assessment form, once you have completed the form and you are confirmed as eligible for the treatment you will be directed to the impression kit checkout page.    

We ship our Impression Kits out to you within 2 business days of purchase. Expected delivery times for all shipments is 3-5 business days from the shipping date.  

All SmilesAlliance™ Impression kits come with free express shipping to you and a pre-paid return envelope back to us making it hassle-free all you have to do once you have done your impressions is pop them back in the post back to us.

Read the impression guide carefully before beginning, follow the step by step guide and make your impressions. Once you have completed the impressions follow the checklist and ensure you have all components before sending the impressions back in the prepaid envelope.  

At SmilesAlliance we make every effort to determine if your case is suitable before we send out impression kits. Answer the questions in the smile assessment form honestly and to the best of your ability and we will determine whether you will be eligible before you purchase. You can learn more about refund policy here: refund policy

SmilesAlliance Treatment Plan

Yes, after we receive your impressions we create a 3D video of the attainable results your plan will achieve.  

No two cases are alike, however most customers should complete their SmilesAlliance journey in 4 to 6 months. It is important to note that this completion time frame is based on wearing your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours each day. Wearing these as recommended is the key to getting the smile you've always wanted. 

Chewies are used to seat your aligners in place if there is a slight air gap. Use your chewies as if you were chewing the end of a pencil, go from the back teeth on one side all the way to the other side, moving and biting down on the chewie until the aligners are seated correctly.

There may be some slight discomfort for the first couple of days of a new stage aligner. This discomfort is minimal and is a good indication that the aligners are doing their work. 

We will assess your case if you are above 16, have all of your adult teeth and have parental consent. 

Most SmilesAlliance customers don't need to make any additional visits to a dental office during their clear aligner treatment (for reasons related to this treatment) aside from regular dental cleanings. 

SmilesAlliance clear aligners are a great option for an active lifestyle. If you are playing any form of contact sport that requires a gum shield you should take them out.

Yes. In order for us to get an accurate impression of your teeth so we can make the best fitting aligners, our Dental Team will require you to remove your permanent wire. We'll need your wire removed if you would like to straighten either one or both rows of teeth.  

If you are experiencing difficulty with the fitting of any of your aligners or your retainer, please contact SmilesAlliance immediately. You can contact at ( 

If you lose one of your aligners, don't panic, go to your last aligner from the previous stage and wear this. It is important that you keep all previous aligners in your Aligner box. Contact us immediately and we will arrange for a new aligner to be sent out. 

All teeth realignment processes require some form of retention. You will need to wear a retainer in order to ensure that your teeth maintain their new and correct straightness. The retainer should be worn full time for the first month post treatment and then nightly for about six weeks gradually reducing to two to three nights per week.

SmilesAlliance will provide you with a complimentary retainer 

Retainers generally last between 6 -12 months and can be ordered online at:  

Wearing your aligners and retainer as recommended is the key to getting and keeping the smile you've always wanted.

Your teeth will naturally want to move, use the retainers as guided and you will maintain that new smile.

How do I preserve my new smile after treatment? 

As with any orthodontic treatment, you should wear a retainer regularly to maintain your new smile. You'll wear your retainers 24 hours a day (except for eating and drinking) for the first month. After that, you should wear your retainers only while you sleep. We recommend replacing your retainers every six months to keep them fresh.  

Yes, every SmilesAlliance treatment includes our Max Strength, Peroxide Free, Premium LED Teeth Whitening Kit.

Yes we are able to offer the treatment for either the upper or the lower jaw. You will take the impressions as normal with both the upper and lower jaw, we will have our dental team assess your case and ensure the treatment of one jaw will be a good fit for your dental health. 

You will receive your treatment preview within 1-2 weeks. We will keep you updated every step of the way.   

You will be assisted and supported at all stages of your SmilesAlliance journey. We have a dedicated customer care team and our SmilesAlliance registered dentist and lab is available should you have any questions regarding your treatment.  

SmilesAlliance™ Guarantee means you get the to approve your smile transformation. If for some reason you disapprove of the video, we can work with our dental team to adjust your results, if you prefer we will give a full refund. Also if our dentists determine that your case isn't possible with clear aligners we'll refund you straight away.   

A 3D smile transformation preview is a digital video.

We create high detail 3D models of your impressions. Then we create a treatment plan, which we use to create a series of Clear Aligners. This is your Clear Aligner treatment that will correct the alignment of your teeth and provide you with the perfect smile, giving you confidence. 

If you like the look of your future smile, you can go ahead and order your aligners. If you don’t, you can cancel your order for a full refund.   

The first way to find out is to complete our Free 30-second online Smile Assessment! AM I A CANDIDATE?  

After receiving your impressions back It takes around 3-5- weeks we have to fabricate and design them.
A moment of waiting for a lifetime of joy.   

No two cases are alike, however, most customers should complete their SmilesAlliance journey in 4 to 6 months. It is important to note that this completion time frame is based on wearing your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours each day. Wearing these as recommended is the key to getting the smile you've always wanted.     

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that have been moulded to the shape of your teeth. We use these to add small amounts of pressure to your teeth to move them into a new position. A retainer looks the same as an aligner, however it is slightly thicker and it is used to retain the shape of the teeth. A retainer is to be worn at night. 


You can order your new set of retainers from your SmilesAlliance dashboard. 

If you don’t love your 3D preview video of your smile transformation or if our dentists determine you aren’t a candidate for aligners, we will refund you in full.   

Teeth Whitening Kit

Every pregnancy can be completely different, so we recommend consulting with your Doctor or midwife prior to using our teeth whitening regarding any health concerns you may have.   

Price Aand Payment

We offer three ways to pay

SmilesAlliance Single pay where you receive a discounted rate of $2,095 from $2,395 

Zip Pay no deposit, 12 months ,interest free, Fast approvals *$2,195 + $49 setup fee + $6 per month

SmilesAlliance Flexi Pay  from as little as $27/Week 
100% approval, ONLY $295 down payment, interest-free, you pay a total of $2,395, Choose from 6-18 months repayment plans.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).