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Your options to get started!

If you are looking to transform your smile, we are here to support you!

Purchase our Impression Kit Today, it's Fully Refundable in the Below Cases:

- If you are not eligible for Clear Aligners

- If you choose not to go ahead after viewing your 3D Smile Preview*

- Packages are also refundable if you are unhappy with the results or not eligible

SmilesAlliance™ Guarantee

We're sure you're going to love your smile journey, however, if, for some reason you disapprove of your 3D smile transformation video, we can work with our dental team and lab to adjust your results, if you prefer we will give a full refund. Also if our dental team or lab determine that your case isn't treatable with our clear aligners we'll refund you straight away.

It's that simple, it's risk-free

*Only 50% of the impression kit cost refundable in this case